Each year an unimaginable number of women unintentionally become pregnant and are also desperately looking for help and advice. Many of these women, who are under massive external and internal pressure and subjectively feel that they are in a hopeless situation, opt for an abortion - with dramatic consequences for the women and society as a whole.

The crisis pregnancy counseling centers Pro Femina Association and Die BIRKE e.V. have been working together very successfully for several years. The Say Yes to Life Foundation has been financially and ideologically promoting this cooperation for many years.
Pro Femina primarily reaches women through online advertising and in chat forums on the subject of "unwanted pregnancies". The consultation will take place via chat and private messaging. The women who need further personal advice are given information about specific counseling centers. In most cases the information center is Die BIRKE. There the women are cared for, on the telephone and in person, by psychologically and educationally qualified counselors. They receive, on a case by case basis, the necessary financial support to allow them to choose their babies.

Our experience has repeatedly shown that the overwhelming majority (70%) of women who are unintentionally pregnant decide for their babies after receiving real counseling and individual offers of help.

The basic principles of 1000plus

  1. The pregnant woman and her health are the focus of our work.
  2. Therefore, the aim of our advice and assistance is to offer every desperate pregnant woman a real, individual alternative to abortion. Therefore we do not issue so-called "advisory notes" (notes needed to obtain an abortion) under § 219 of the Abortion Code Law.
  3. We communicate in words and pictures exclusively on modern positive communication channels.
  4. The confidence of our supporters is the foundation of success. We want to continually earn that trust through consistent transparency and accountability.

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