Tim's success in his dolphin therapy

13 years after his late abortion Foundation Newsletter No. 35 (March 2011)

Shortly after arriving on the island and taking the bus to our accommodations, we walked to the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center (CDTC), which was only a few minutes away. Despite the rigors of the flight, Tim was very excited and full of energy. He immediately recognized the area and ran with eager anticipation to the therapy area. But he had to be patient. Finally we started on Monday and the joyful reunion between Tim, us and the therapist was wonderful. With such a positive start success, meaning progress, was a given.

This time the focus of therapy was supposed to be on improving perception and communication. Tim was going to learn how to better control his affection for his fellow man and to show affection in a more tolerable form than beating one with full force on the back or the chest. Even his indiscriminate making of sounds disturbed at times, especially at school, which led to problems. Thanks to the therapy, which was very focused on Tim's needs, very good progress was made. Particularly effective was the Castillo Morales treatment, which uses vibrations to influence body awareness, breathing and muscles. Together with Marco (chief therapist of the CDTC) and the dolphin Mateo Tim improved tremendously. We are very proud and happy that Tim has come so far. A big thank you from Tim and us to the Say Yes to Life Foundation, which enabled Tim to have this treatment last October. Tim has made a big step towards improving the quality of his life.

Your family Guido

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