Tim - how my daily life looks like

17 years after his late abortion

My Name is Tim, I am 17 years old and still going to school. In the morning, mostly too early, my mother wakes me up. But then I am always quickly awake, because a new day with a lot of change is waiting for me. After changing the nappy and putting on my clothes, I take breakfast – but in a very special way: I use a stomach tube. There is no medical reason, no indication for using it, but I just do not like eating the usual way. My parents had tried out already a lot to make the food “tasty” for me, but I simply saw no need to ingest food in the normal manner. One time, I really ate some food during a Dolphin therapy some years ago. I really enjoyed this meal. My mom, dad and my therapist were happy and very proud of me. But then, back in Germany and back in daily life, I lost my appetite although I like to watch my family members and friends eating. However, I still use my stomach tube.

After breakfast I go to school by bus, with my sister Melissa. During the trip I try to entertain the passengers by making loud voices. But they are not always pleased with it, sometimes they are even stressed out, because my voice doesn’t mean anything to them. In school we have many interesting and helpful subjects. Most of them are about perception and abilities for daily life. But I also attend lessons, whereby we are informed about different occupations. Furthermore I like sports lesson very much. Swimming and jumping on the trampoline are my favorite activities. But what I really love is spending time in the “Snoezel”room. It´s awesome – and very cosy! Enjoying quiet music and wonderful lighting effects is a wonderful way to relax! After school, I travel with the bus back home. The first thing I do at home is playing with my frisbee or with my cute dog Theo. Mostly Theo has to pick up toys, which I have thrown somewhere and bring it back to me. We have a lot of fun together! In the afternoon, I have to keep some important appointments like logo- or ergotherapy or therapeutic riding. In the evening, when Dad comes home from work, every day he ask me how I am and how my day was. I answer him with some gestures and sign “good”. For supper I use my stomach tube again and after finishing Mum or Dad brings me to bed. On weekends my sister Melissa and I attend a dance class, because I love music and I like clapping in my hands rhythmically. When the weather is good, we often go for a bicycle ride.  I sit in a special trailer throughout the trip and my parents have to pedal hard to keep up with the others.

We are not sure, if Tim is really worried of his life, but we know him for a long time.

Simone and Bernhard Guido

In 1997 Tim survived his abortion and was adopted in his foster family, which cares lovingly for him.

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