In some case, when a women finds out that she is expecting a child, this news is, at first, not a reason to be happy, but is more of a shock. Her entire life is likely to change. She is insecure and feels overwhelmed by the situation, or she feels left alone. Often family and friends suggest an apparently easy and fast solution, abortion – The women are given many reasons they are "too young, too old, don’t have enough money, have to finish their education, or find a job, what about the taking care of the house ...! Their parents, their husband or the child’s father might not want the child.


Hardly anyone in this situation thinks about every women’s maternal nature which is focused on the child. Who will tell her that an abortion is a very serious physical and mental operation with often lifelong consequences, which science calls Post-Abortion Syndrome?

Help for pregnant women and families in need

Who is willing to embrace the hardships and anxieties of pregnant women and help them to find ways to live with a child?
The Yes to Life Foundation has a special pregnancy-fund to support women and families in distress cause by unplanned pregnancies. We are asking for donations which will go to counseling centers in order to provide guidance instead of government-mandated abortion certificates notes for a legal abortion. At our centers expert counselors, together with the affected women and couples, develop viable future opportunities and help them to overcome existing bottlenecks, so that mothers can say yes to their children.
In letters from mothers and fathers, it is mentioned again and again: "How fortunate that we have found this help!"


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