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Since 2007, the Yes to Life Foundation has promoted the advice and assistance given at University Children's Hospital in Mainz after just such diagnoses during pregnancy. Claudia Langanki, a social worker, advises pregnant women and parents when their unborn child has been diagnosed with an abnormality. "In my experience, many gynecologists push to abort too quickly and too far into a pregnancy," says the counselor. "My job is to educate the parents about the disability - but always with the aim to show perspectives on life," says Claudia Langanki, who had a son born with Spina Bifida almost 22 years ago. "And even in a wheelchair," she says, "one does have life perspectives.

About 95 percent of pregnant women who come to her for advice opt for their child, says Claudia Langanki. She has never experienced that parents regretted making that decision. "I was advising a woman who before the birth was almost panicked," says the social worker. Just recently, she received a visit from the young mother with her child in her arms. The woman thanked Claudia Langanki: "Without you, our daughter would not have been born."

Giving perspective, providing education, offering advice - Claudia Langanki meets these requirements with life. Her job, she says, does not have fixed working hours; she is accessible to her clients even on weekends. "When, on Friday, a woman learns that she is expecting a disabled child, I cannot put her off until Monday." She accompanies the parents to all medical examinations and interviews. It helps that she has a good relationship of trust with the doctors at the University Hospital in Mainz, says Langanki. Even after the baby has been born and discharged from the hospital she continues to be there for the families. 

Read a true story from the daily work life of Mrs. Langanki (german).

Advice and assistance when facing diagnoses during pregnancy

Qualified social worker Claudia Langanki
Children's Hospital, University Hospital Mainz
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