Crisis pregnancy

Crisis pregnancy counseling is a confidential matter. For those who first want to get information on the Internet, we recommend, which is an Internet platform for women in crisis pregnancy. It is funded by the Yes to Life Foundation. The website has all the important information about pregnancy and abortion and a private forum in which women are helped to make their own free decision. So far this internet platform in Germany is a unique response to the urgent need for information about unintentional pregnancy. About 5,000 times a day words such as "unwanted pregnancies" and "abortion" are entered into the German-language Internet search engine Google.  We assume that this is most acute for women in crisis pregnancy.Unwanted pregnancies are much more common in our society than we realize. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, in 2010 there were six births to every one abortion. This means that at least one in seven pregnancies is unwanted! Previously there was not a platform that was specifically tailored to the needs of unwanted pregnancies.According to § 218 of the German Criminal Code, only the pregnant woman can make the decision to abort her child. However, this decision falls mostly in an acute situation of helplessness, at the insistence of the child’s father or other family members. The platform includes comprehensive information on the subject of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. This includes an accurate representation of the legal situation as well as a sober description of intervention methods.

Free help hotline in Germany 08000 60 67 67
(Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.30)

The “VitaL – es gibt Alternativen” Pregnancy Helpline in Germany 0180-3699963 (Ct 9 minutes, day and night) is also funded by the Yes to Life Foundation.

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