Tim's dolphin therapy

You can support Tim directly by donating and making more dolphin therapy possible.

Tim has participated in several dolphin therapy sessions at Curacao Dolphin Therapy & Research Center. For Tim, this therapy is particularly valuable because it helps him to fight step by step for a bit of normalcy.  Therapy helps to improve his motor skills, his ability to take solid food, his powers of concentration and self-reliance.

Here is a small excerpt from the report that was written after his treatment in the summer of 2009:

The following changes have been observed:

  • Improvement in Tim’s overall mood
  • increased willingness to cooperate
  • increased ability to concentrate
  • significantly more independence in daily life
  • increased willingness to vocalize
  • isolated incidents on independent intake of solid food in everyday life
  • significantly more self-confidence and improved response in the water while playing with the dolphin, Lina, used during his sessions.

Tim during dolphin therapy

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