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The YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION intends to create a child- and family-orientated society. For this above all we need a positive attitude towards the human life at all its phases. Intact marriages and families form the basis of a free and just society. That is why the YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION especially wants to encourage and to strengthen the following generation, so that this generation realizes its widespread wish to have a family with children.

The YES TO LIFE must get an important influence on society and culture again. Only in this case, we succeed in solving the problems connected with the rapid decrease in population, like declining prosperity, the underfinancing of the social insurance systems, the insecure provisions for the old age and the diminishing ability of innovation in our society.

The YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION is a German charitable public foundation of civil right. It is active on the behalf of the protection of human life and of the rights of unborn children. For that purpose the YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION is supporting projects, initiatives and institutions that serve the welfare of children and their parents. With its activities the YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION contributes to strengthen peoples conscience of the uniqueness of every man and of the family as an indispensable factor of society.

In cooperation with other aid organizations the YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION supports pregnant women in need and expectant parents in a difficult life situation. The YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION was founded in 1988 by Johanna Countess von Westphalen and her son Friedrich Wilhelm. The Foundation is member of the Bundesverband Lebensrecht, which is the Federal Association of pro-life-organizations in Germany.

Direction of the foundation

The YES TO LIFE FOUNDATION is directed by its two organs, the board of management and the board of trustees.

Board of management

The board of management runs the current business according to the decisions taken by the board of trustees.

The members of the board of management are:
Johanna Countess von Westphalen

Hedwig Countess von Buquoy

Roland Rösler

Chief executive:

Manfred Libner, M.A.

Johanna Countess von Westphalen
Manfred Libner M.A.

Board of trustees

The board of trustees takes decisions concerning all fundamental matters and controls the activities of the board of management. Members of the board of trustees are:

Marie Elisabeth Hohenberg

Dr. med. Claudia Kaminski

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Lobkowicz

Staatsrätin a.D. Elisabeth Motschmann

Gloria Princess von Thurn und Taxis

Gloria Princess von Thurn und Taxis
Dr. Claudia Kaminski
Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Lobkowicz
Elisabeth Motschmann
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